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MyoSure and Aquilex: Customized and efficient tissue removal for intrauterine polyps and fibroids

Now there's a fast, convenient way to remove intrauterine pathology - with two powerful systems that work as one. MyoSure Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System and Aquilex fluid control system offer you a fully integrated solution, making it simple to quickly remove polyps and fibroids while maintaining uterine form and function.



  • No energy - retain uterine form and function
  • Tissue cutting and removal in a single step
  • Specimen integrity - preserve histology with mechanical mechanism of action


  • Simple set-up and operating technique
  • Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with one system
  • Simultaneous tissue cutting and suction to maintain a clear view.


  • Normal saline and short procedures minimize risk of fluid overload
  • Side cutting window provides more control for removal of targeted pathology
  • Efficient and visual confirmation of targeted pathology removal


  • Use with most fluid management systems or optimize performance with the Aquilex fluid control system
  • Maintain efficient workflow and minimize disruption
  • Built-in storage on Aquilex stand for MyoSure control unit

Download additional information on the MyoSure Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System and devices and the Aquilex Fluid Control System

MyoSure Physician Brochure
MyoSure LITE
MyoSure XL
MyoSure Rod Lens Hysteroscope
Aquilex Fluid Control System

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