Hologic has partnered with Olive Medical, a US-based company specializing in manufacturing and distributing affordable CMOS, native HD 1080p endoscopic visualization equipment, to bring you the latest innovations in office hysteroscopy.  The Olive HD System for hysteroscopy is the only office hysteroscopy system with integrated HD camera which allows for a clearer and sharper image.

Hysteroscopy allows you to diagnose and treat your patients sooner and more accurately. The Olive HD system for hysteroscopy enables you to treat the cause of a patient’s bleeding versus treating the symptoms of her bleeding.

Our Technology

With the Olive HD system technology, you will get OR image quality in your office procedures. Olive is at the forefront of the latest medical trends. The innovative system includes:


·         Integrated HD camera with 1080p image output - unique to the Olive HD System

·         Cutting edge LED light source with 20,000 hours of life

·         Intuitive touchscreen user interface that works with medical grade gloves


The Olive HD System for hysteroscopy features:


·         Small, compact system footprint weighing only 6.7lbs and fits even the smallest exam room

·         Two sheath options enable you to perform diagnostic (4.1mm) and/or operative (5.5mm) procedures right in your office

·         2.9mm 12° and 30° scopes allow you to work with your preference

·         Dedicated inflow channel provides optimal uterine distention and visualization during hysteroscopic procedures

·         Dedicated 5fr working channel