What is MyoSure?
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How does MyoSure Work?

How does the MyoSure tissue removal system work to remove fibroids and treat heavy periods?

Often times, when you have fibroids or polyps in your uterus your periods can be very heavy. The MyoSure tissue removal system is a simple procedure that eliminates fibroids without having to remove or even cut the uterus. Your doctor inserts an instrument into your uterus through the vagina that gently cuts away at the fibroid to take it out of your body. The MyoSure tissue removal system is designed to allow your doctor to remove any growths in your uterus without harming your uterine lining. This is especially important if you want to have children in the future.

MyoSure is an outpatient procedure; you can go home the same day. On average, a 3 cm fibroid (about the size of a grape) can be removed in approximately 10 minutes.

Why choose MyoSure?

MyoSure is a simple procedure that...

  • Does not cut or remove any part of your uterus
  • Reduces heavy bleeding associated with fibroids or polyps
  • Removes fibroids without cutting the uterus allowing for a quick recovery.

Hear from a patient who had the MyoSure procedure.

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