How Can the Myosure Procedure Help With Infertility?

The MyoSure Procedure and Fertility

The MyoSure tissue removal system demonstrated real-world effectiveness for improving the success of fertility treatments for certain patients by removing fibroids, polyps, and other tissue from the uterus before beginning fertility treatment.


Patient Testimonial - MyoSure, Fibroids, and IVF

What Causes Fibroids and Polyps?

Common Causes of Fibroids and Polyps

There is no definitive cause of uterine fibroids or uterine polyps. However, medical experts agree that fibroids need female hormones—estrogen and progesterone—in order to grow. It is believed that uterine polyps are estrogen-sensitive. That simply means that they react to hormones just the same way the lining of your uterus (endometrium) does, growing in response to circulating estrogen.

How Do I Know If I Have Fibroids or Polyps?

Diagnosing Fibroids and Polyps

Your doctor will use a combination of tools to determine if you have uterine fibroids or polyps.

First—a pelvic exam. This exam can provide a tremendous amount of information, allowing your doctor to assess the size, shape and condition of your uterus. Your doctor may also conduct lab tests to rule out any other more serious causes of your abnormal bleeding.

Below, are some of the most common tests your doctor may use to find fibroids and polyps:

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